the terms

As a magazine, Eraced operates differently from other publications – redefining traditional journalism with authentic reporting and deep contextualization. We will not be publishing “filler” content or ill-explained pieces on critical issues related to race. Because we are striving to offer a multitude of literary and visual channels to understand race and intersectionality, we want to formally explain where the differences exist and why we have chosen this route. 

Below contains a few terms fundamental to journalism that have been reworked and altered to better reflect the mission of Eraced. 

COLUMNS : Traditionally columnists express their opinions or analyze some aspect of the world in a specific way, structuring various stories around a topic. Eraced columnists are not opinion writers, but are storytellers choosing to narrate a complex topic or issue through multiple stories. Because race is rooted in every issue and intersectionality considers the layers that affect an individual or circumstance, a single story is rarely enough. These stories distinctly fall under the category of news, unless stated to be an op-ed or culture piece.  

SOURCES : When speaking on race and intersectionality, amplifying the BIPOC community is necessary and narrating the personal experiences of underrepresented, marginalized communities. In short, the perspective of white males or white intellectuals should not feel required to validate or subsidize an already factual claim — yet newsrooms still continue this trend, implicitly shutting the door on equally, if not more, qualified BIPOC. Within the Eraced transparency statement, the backgrounds of our sources will also be included. 

OP-EDS : Similar to mainstream publications, the Op-Eds found on Eraced represent the personal opinions of various writers and storytellers. They are likely to be personal stories, rather than sourced pieces, and offer another medium of communication in understanding the complexity of race. 

*As our publication grows, more terms may be added to clarify our reporting strategy or site navigation*